How to play with Settlers of Catan pieces

I don't suppose many people would go through the process of making a complete Landnám set without having tried the game first. Unless you live in Trondheim, Norway (or at least visit here on a Wednesday which is game night at the local gaming club, or the first weekend of November when the annual gaming convention Hexcon is held), chances are that this will be tricky. I know that copies of the game exist in Ukraine, Finland and Canada as well as Oslo, Bergen, Dønna in Norway, but it is unlikely that any of these will be readily available at the moment you decide that you want to try playing the game.

To make it easier to get started, you could print out the components on ordinary paper, and use various pieces from Settlers of Catan and optionally some of its expansions as substitutes for the real thing.

Tor Gjerde <>