Paper and cardboard components

All paper and cardboard components are available as PDF files.

Terrain hexes, counters and player aid cards should be printed on A4 or letter sized adhesive labels, pasted onto cardboard and cut out.

Resource and fate cards can be made the same way only using thick coloured paper instead of cardboard (I use pale yellow for resources and green for fate cards). Alternatively they can be printed directly onto stock of the desired thickness; in this case the back sides must be coloured in some way to distinguish between resource and fate cards.

The box lid design can also be printed on an adhesive label, but might require scaling to fit the box. The rules leaflet is designed to be printed on two sides of thick A4 sized paper which is folded to make a four-page A5 booklet; printing on other paper sizes will require some work in aligning the two sides.

Other components

Try before you buy invest a lot of time and effort

Mounting all the pieces on appropriate backing and precision-cutting all of them involves a fair amount of work. While I find it worth it, you will probably want to try the game to see if the same is true for you. Therefore I have made a description of how to make a simpler, yet playable set using some parts from the Settlers of Catan range of games.

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